Our Mission

Through raising awareness, we shall empower patients and those at risk to be proactive in managing their own health needs. Using state-of-the-art information technology and evidence-based protocols, we shall support healthcare professionals to use a multidisciplinary approach to act swiftly to detect those at risk and reduce the adverse consequences of diabetes and chronic diseases.


1 To empower patients and their support networks to be proactive in managing their own health and assist them to make informed decisions in attaining health targets.
2 To develop and validate innovative chronic disease management models to make quality care accessible, affordable and sustainable.
3 To develop and validate technologies to enhance risk stratification and personalized care in chronic disease management.
4 To motivate, facilitate and guide multidisciplinary healthcare teams to use decision support tools in chronic care and to encourage effective use of resources.
5 To create a virtual environment for ongoing data management to promote best practices and identify any treatment gaps.
6 To organise educational programmes to increase awareness, amongst individuals at risk, patients and healthcare professionals, of the pressing need to translate evidence into practice in chronic disease management.